At Pharmacist Formulators, we're a scientific community driven by the same mission: to provide you with accessible and personalised answers to all your beauty and wellbeing needs.
We're able to do that thanks to our range of products guaranteeing maximum effectiveness and safety and our advice, which is always based on the latest scientific research and developments.

A scientific community

To make sure we can always provide the best answers to your wellbeing needs, we've chosen to partner with Unifarco, an organisation of pharmacists, just like us, who share the same philosophy and mission and who ensure that we have access to state-of-the-art laboratories and all the latest research.

At Pharmacist Formulators, we're always sharing our experiences and listening to what you tell us every day so that we can provide you with the best answers to satisfy your wellbeing needs. Everything you tell us is passed on to our research teams who, while working side-by-side with top universities and international research centres, use the latest scientific techniques to develop rigorously formulated and tested products that are revolutionising the world of cosmetics.
All of us undertake a dedicated training course, giving us access to certified knowledge based on the latest scientific developments.
Our decision to share with you what we've learned over more than thirty years is what makes us different.

Our authentic wellbeing formula

"Does the perfect formula for our beauty, health and mental wellbeing really exist?" – that's a question we're always asking ourselves and one we get from you every day.

Our answer comes from scientific research and through constant study of the mechanisms behind wellbeing. We bring that answer to life with targeted products using specific, patented ingredients and with advice on how to make a healthy lifestyle your daily routine. Whatever you need, we're with you every step of the way.

Our products

To make sure you get the best possible products, we work side-by-side with the Unifarco lab, where your requests and our ideas come together to create effective, safe and high-quality solutions.

We spend time carefully observing the natural world so that we can understand the ins and outs of your body.
It's our source of inspiration, and it provides us with an endless supply of unique ingredients which we use to create specific formulas for every need.
Our ingredients, combined with our rigorous testing and controls, are what makes us different and mean we can guarantee effectiveness, safety and maximum enjoyment for you.

We're involved throughout the entire process, from picking out the raw materials to getting them to your doopstep. We know the history behind everything we produce, and that's a promise.

Our advice

We've always been committed to complimenting and enhancing the effectiveness of our products with personalised advice to satisfy your specific needs. Throughout our website, you can find dietary advice, skin assessments and recommendations for boosting your physical and mental energy to help find the right beauty routine that works for you.

We believe the secret to wellbeing lies in our products and in the advice that we give for leading a healthy lifestyle.

So is there a magic formula for all of our health and beauty needs?

Yes there is, and we've found it: one you can trust, that's guided by you.