Face serums: now’s the right time to start using them

Face serums should never be left out of your beauty routine because they act on the deeper layers of your skin where cells are more receptive: a true ally in the fight against signs of ageing! But if they still aren’t part of your daily routine, then the Christmas holidays might just be the right occasion for you to start including them. And who says you can’t get yourself a little something for Christmas anyway?

Here’s everything you need to know about your skin’s best friend.

What are face serums? 

Face serums are concentrated products that are lighter in texture than face creams. They’re also absorbed more quickly and contain concentrated active ingredients, allowing for more immediate action. In addition, using face serums enhances the effects of other daily treatments.

When and how should you apply it?

You should apply serum every morning and evening after your facial cleanse and before applying face cream.
Take a small amount of the serum in your fingers and then apply it, tracing the following three lines on your face:

  • from the centre of your chin up to the earlobe, following the length of your jawline
  • from the tip of your nose up to the top of your ears, crossing over your cheekbones
  • from the centre of your forehead to your temples.

Then apply light pressure to your cheeks, tapping gently with your fingertips to active the serum and to help it penetrate through the skin.

Is there a right age to start using face serums?

There’s no right age to start using them, in fact they can be used for different purposes depending on the desired effect. For example, you could use face serums to prevent signs of ageing or you could use them to reverse them.

Should face serums be used instead of face creams or in combination?

Serums should be used in combination with face creams. In fact, they help to prepare the skin by making it more receptive to the product you apply after. If you have normal or combination skin, you could also try using it by itself during the summer.