Formula Method

The perfect synergy of nature and science

The perfect synergy of nature and science

Nature has always been our source of inspiration. We study everything the natural world offers us so that we can better understand how human physiology and the mechanisms within our own bodies work. Nature is our devoted guide, and we've learned to capture her spirit in everything we create.

Thanks to the wonders of science, we're able to recreate natural processes and obtain the purest and most concentrated extracts available using green and innovative methods to enhance the active potential of plant life.


By working in close collaboration with international research centres and top universities, including UniR&D (a spin-off from the University of Padua), and using the latest scientific techniques, we're able to study, identify and formulate the innovative molecules that make our solutions what they are.

Guaranteed effectiveness and safety

Guaranteed effectiveness and safety


Choosing the most advanced raw materials available is our first step in the process to ensuring that you get the best possible product.

That's why we carefully pick out our ingredients from trusted producers, with rigorous standards throughout our supply chains, guaranteeing you the same high level of quality for all our products.

Choosing the right ingredients is also the key to obtaining cosmetics that ensure effectiveness and safety while minimising the risk of any intolerances or allergic reactions.

When we assess which plant materials to use for our supplements, we look at their 'phytocomplex', a mix of different molecules which perform specific biological actions to achieve the perfect synergy between the ingredients you'll find in our products.



Once we've selected which raw materials to use, the next step is to create the ideal conditions for them to reach their full potential.

That's why we developed our patented EOP method for all our cosmetics. Each component (from the emulsifiers to the oils and polymers) is carefully selected and measured out for every single product, meaning we can provide better performance and ensure a truly bespoke formula, with every ingredient being perfectly balanced to obtain maximum effectiveness and enjoyment for you.

Bioavailability is key: when we formulate our supplements, we pay maximum attention to choosing the best absorption vehicles and the optimal pharmaceutical form (capsules, tablets, powders, granules etc.).

The scientifically-proven benefits of our products are verified by efficacy tests, in vivo or in vitro product tests and qualitative sensory evaluation tests to ensure that you get the desired result during and after application.


The safety of all our products is verified by continuous monitoring of our production processes so that we can guarantee they reach you free of any unwanted substances or impurities.

Our cosmetics are specifically designed to reduce the risk of intolerances or allergic reactions to an absolute minimum, and we dermatologically test them on sensitive skin to ensure that they're free of parabens and heavy metals (nickel, cobalt, chromium etc.).

Our green spirit

Our green spirit

Our emphasis on sustainability is an integral part of our formulation method: a mission which we strive to make a reality every day. That all starts with the creation of eco-design products, following a green action strategy and method that allows us to measure the environmental impact of all our production processes.

We get all our raw ingredients from selected suppliers, ensuring that the journey between them and our lab is as short as possible.

To guarantee that local people, the environment and our oceans are protected throughout the production process, we only select ingredients that we've thoroughly studied for sustainability, always staying in close contact with the major European safety bodies.

Wherever possible, we avoid using secondary packaging for our cosmetics, instead choosing recycled and recyclable materials while limiting the amount of packaging we use.

For our dietary supplements, where packaging is mandatory, we use FSC certified paper from responsibily-managed forests and supply chains, along with aluminium and any other materials required for product safety, always aiming to minimise waste and maximise recyclability.

Everything nature provides us with, we aim to use as much of as possible, meaning we're able to reduce our waste to almost zero.

We're always thinking 'sustainable', and we're committed to making sure every part of our production process is just that.